“Message to each age group / and from now on” Daisuke Iwanaga ✕ Shinji Okazaki Talk Session vol.2

A talk session by Daisuke Iwanaga, the designer of cornelian taurus by daisuke iwanaga, and Shinji Okazaki, a professional soccer player representing Japan.
The second is "Message to each age / And from now on"
To those in their teens and 20s who will lead the next generation, to those in their 30s and 40s who have experienced social experiences, what they have thought and experienced in their overseas challenges. Based on my experience, I will generously talk about breakthroughs to hitting a wall, something I want to do, I want to challenge overseas, and hints that will lead to the future. And when we step up to the next generation, we will talk about “what we can do”. A bag designer and soccer, two professionals who are active in different fields, look back on the past and present and explore hints for the future.

  • Shooting cooperation: TRYOUT
  • Costume cooperation: ESTNATION