Books collected around the world

Concept is put up every season the bag is made
Designers reflecting on the making of bags that travel around the world and he use Japan, own excitement and experiences that I got it myself as inspiration source.


San Gimiano The fortified city in Italy
14 existing Towers and Walls that protect the city
The concept of the SS2015 collection.


Over coating of Japanese organic lacquer

I actually visited atelier of Wajima in Ishikawa Prefecture.
know the background of what is made and the meaning of manual work for the products A collection of depth, value, and richness that is invisible to the eye.

A collection of lacquered leather


Pattern knitting Japanese SAMURAI swords

The handle of the bag which is one of the characteristics of the brand

When you take up a bag
The first place to touch is the handle.
To be able to feel the culture of Japan where you first touch of the bag

As an icon of the original brand


The designer's father is a diver.

The identity of the designer is also one of the characteristics of the bag.
It’s important Icons