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Currently based in London, Mitsumichi Nawa, who is active as a jewelry designer of a world-famous brand, introduces and talks with seasonal people from various fields, "Creator's Circle"

We welcomed designer Daisuke Iwanaga as the second guest, and interviewed Mr. Mitsumichi Nawa about the brand philosophy, the future accompaniment of the fashion industry, and the attitude of enjoying work in any situation. rice field.

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--- Encounter with Mr. Mitsumichi Nawa ---

The designer's younger brother traveled to France alone in 2009. At that time, an acquaintance introduced Mr. Nawa and met him, and he lived with him as a sharemate for a year.
At the same time, he has been acquainted with designers for 13 years, deepening exchanges many times, and as a designer, creator, and Japanese facing the world, he continues to stimulate each other.
* A relationship that loves each other's collections

Mitsumichi Nawa / KODO NAWA
Born in Kyoto
In 2004, he was fascinated by the world of jewelery in Paris, France, and learned how to design and make jewelery by himself. He has been active as a designer of high jewelery and watches at famous maisons such as Lorenz Baumer, Louis Vuitton, Van Cleef & Arpels.

Since 2019, he has been appointed as a senior designer of GRAFF, which represents the United Kingdom.
In 2020, as an individual charity activity, " Circle of Hope Launched and started raising funds for children through the sale of bracelets.

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