FW2021コレクション slide mobile / 携帯電話ケース

The 2021 Fall / Winter collection slide mobile is now on sale.
In the FW21 collection, new leather accessories have been added as a lineup.
slide mobile
Mobile phones have become an indispensable item in our daily lives. More and more people are making their daily lives only with mobile phones.
The slide mobile is designed to look good and you can use it like a mini shoulder bag.
It is easy to use, and the mobile phone slides up and is easy to take out just by pulling the strap.

In addition to mobile phones, there is also a pocket that can hold an IC card, mask, etc., so it will be more comfortable to use while customizing.
In addition to mobile phones, it can also be used as a cigarette or handkerchief holder.
You can also attach it to your bag by using the snap button on the back.
There are two materials, A HORSE using horse leather from Aomori prefecture and H COW using cowhide from Hokkaido. Please take a look.
Please check the details from the link below.