FW2021コレクション slide pump / ミニボトルケース

The slide pump from the Fall / Winter 2021 collection is now on sale.
In the FW21 collection, new leather accessories have been added as a lineup.
slide pump (mini bottle case)
Get what you need, when you need it.
In this world, which changes rapidly every day, we are in an era where we think about safety, security, and comfort with our own interpretation.
I think it is very important to be able to live your own life by paying attention to your living environment.
The slide pump is a bottle case with a set of bottles for 100 ml.

The size is very convenient to carry, and you can put a small amount of disinfectant in the bottle and use it on the go or before meals.
In addition to the disinfectant solution, you can also add aroma mist and perfume to refresh your mood in various scenes. If you have a bottle of the same size, you can change the contents and carry it.
In addition to the shoulder strap, there is a hook on the back side, so you can attach it to an easy-to-understand part of your bag or hang it where you need it at home.
Depending on where you hang it, it will change the impression of the room as an interior.
It is also recommended as a gift.
A bottle case that makes your daily life comfortable.
There are two materials, A HORSE using horse leather from Aomori prefecture and H COW using cowhide from Hokkaido. Please take a look.
Please check the details from the link below.