TOWER RUCK PROが再入荷致しました。

TOWER RUCK PRO was announced as this year's 3rd collection and released in July.
It was very well received and sold out at WEB STORE, but it is back in stock today.
The leather is processed to take advantage of the unique look of leather, and it is made of leather that is deep, has moderate elasticity, and is very soft to the touch.
The glossy leather becomes more glossy as you use it, and you can enjoy aging with softness.
In addition, it is designed with a zipper opening that allows you to carry documents and laptops smartly and put them in and out without stress, and a function that can store up to a 16-inch laptop. The size of the company's personal computer, which is calculated to be portable, can be used for a wide range of purposes regardless of whether it is on or off.
In addition, the fit on the back is based on experience inspired by everyday life, and you can feel it if you carry it on your back.
Please take a look.

TOWER TUCK PROIt is being developed at stores nationwide. The handling store isHerefrom

2015Announced in the yeartower ruck This model has an improved size and design.