order event at ESTNATION ROPPONGI / Mens floor

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At the Estnation Roppongi store, we will hold a color ordering event for collections using crocodyl leather and ostrich leather.

A large number of collections using crocodyl leather and ostrich leather, which are rarely seen at stores, are exhibited and sold.&We accept color orders.

Besides2021Announced in the Fall / Winter collectionTower ruck PRO / Pack tote Series / Slide mobile / Slide pumpYou can also see many existing collections using cowhide and horse leather.

An order event held every year in this season. Please come by all means at this opportunity. 

From the date3Days(24Until around noon)Designer Daisuke Iwanaga will be in the store. Regarding the collection, we will propose how to hold the bag and the design. Resident staff will make proposals other than the day you are in the store.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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